Apprenez comment le comité consultatif  stratégique peut s'intégrer dans votre entre entreprise.  Notre première visite vous permettra de faire le point et elle est toujours gratuite.

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Avis d'un expert !

« It is a powerful management tool that every size business, small or large, should not be without. Experience shows, every day that goes by without a Board of Advisors lowers your odds of success.

Establishing a Board of Advisors is cost-effective way to gain critical expertise and skills in areas outside the company’s core competency. Advisory boards can contribute to innovation and the bottom line.

An Advisory Board that meets regularly and gets to know you and your business can provide the management expertise you need to avoid shoals of mistakes and set your business on a true course.

Additionally, a Board of Advisors composed of specialists, generalists or critical thinkers from diverse backgrounds can expose the positive or negative aspects of major decisions.

No single person can know everything, and ad hoc, on the fly advice can be worse than none.

This can be a competitive advantage and help build a company’s visibility, credibility, and revenues »

Larry Putterman





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